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DEVN6 is a Techno & House producer located in Switzerland. She plays a distinctive sound combining the edge of modern rave with a unique flow of Driving Techno, going for a big, happy tone that has a lot of punch to it. DEVN6 pushes the boundaries of electronic music production, balancing creative freedom with absolute professionalism and attention to detail. Running the label BRAIN PAIN RECORDS, the artist spends her time crafting original compositions while producing and releasing international artists. We present you our brand new DEVTRAX radio show by DEVN6, taking up the button of the new Electronic Sound. Fasten your seat belts and enter DEVTRAX!

Station: Move Ibiza Radio  City: Ibiza  Country: Spain

Weekly Show from: Tuesdays  Broadcast: 02.00 to 03.00 am (+1 UTC)

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Emili Ferrer | Ibiza (Illes Ballears) SPAIN
+34 961 874 92
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